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Reverse Circulation

Water Wells / Boreholes


Recovery Holes

Monitoring Holes

Angled Holes

NQ Vacuum

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Bulk Sampling



Blasting Holes


Odex (Symmetric)

Mud Rotary

Our Drilling Rigs

Our fleet of 11 drill rigs (9 tyre and 2 track rigs) and all support vehicles are fully serviced and maintained at our workshop in Rayton, 30 kilometers east of Pretoria. Our decision to use either tyre or track rigs depends on the terrain, facilitating efficient inter hole moves, aimed at minimising standing time and maximising production.

Because we understand that quality sample recovery within the time limits set by our clients is very important, we make sure that our rigs are maintained on schedule to ensure quality production.

Our rigs are custom built to our specifications, able to withstand the toughest conditions of the mining sector in Africa, by Thor Drill Rig from Rayton under leadership of Len Greyling.

We utilise a unique sampling and splitter system on our rigs to ensure that samples supplied to geologists are free of any contamination and we can supply various types of sampling and work in conjunction with JSE standards. Our highly efficient dust suppression system eliminates dust while drilling is in progress.

The latest addition in our growing fleet. 2017 Thor 5000 drill rig.


  • 11 rigs, 9 x tyre rigs and 2 x track rigs
  • Compressors: 30 bar 1200cfm
  • Booster: Hurricane 1800cfm 52 bar
  • 16 LDV’s
  • 10 Diesel and Water bowsers
  • 14 Trailers
  • TLB
  • Frontend loader
  • 3 Support trucks (2 fitted with cranes)


  • Drilling Depths: 0-1250 meters
  • Angles: 90°-30°
  • Diameters: 115-610mm
  • Compressors: 30 bar 1200cfm
  • Booster: Hurricane 1800cfm 52 bar

Contact Us

Torque Africa Exploration (Pty) Ltd

PO BOX 367 RAYTON 1001

Director: Nardus Bezuidenhout - 082 829 6016

Office Manager: Herman Venter - 084 837 1533