Experts In Drilling Of:

Reverse Circulation

Water Wells / Boreholes


Recovery Holes

Monitoring Holes

Angled Holes

NQ Vacuum

Experts In Drilling Of:

Bulk Sampling



Blasting Holes


Odex (Symmetric)

Mud Rotary


We comply with any environmental regulations as required by our clients. We endeavour not to cause any damage to the environment in which we perform our operations be it on mining premises or for private customers. It is standard policy with us to ensure minimum disruption or damage to any area in which we work. We strive not to cause any damage to vegetation or landscapes.

We clean up any site on which we work and ensure that no waste materials are left behind. As far as possible there will be no pollution by any lubricants such as oil and grease on any of our drilling sites.

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Office Manager: Herman Venter - 084 837 1533